Writings, Drawings, and Stuff That Inspires Us

Here are a range of short articles and cartoons that I create from time-to-time.

(Recent) Linked-In Articles

A Chair is a chair

I have been working with an important UK charity who organizes big conferences.  How do you help the conference Chair be a great chair?

Gandulf, what do you think?

My personal discovery of how choosing an Archetype character can help you enliven your delivery and help you get the response that you crave.

I Stopped TED

I’m bored of watching TED Talks. I am tired of their brilliance, their passion and compassion, their earnest profundity. I believe I know why!

Pink!  Always Pink.

Game design knows the value of connecting stepped events with occasional surprise jumps and falls.  The same ideas apply to how you flow your presentation.

Richard is exploring how he can communicate ideas through cartoons. 

Here are some of his creations.



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