Presenting Data

2.5 hours​

Design data to feel simple, then add the magic sauce.​

Principles on how to design data into a presentation, how to highlight your data story, and keep your audience engaged.


2 hours​

The fairy-dust that makes a screenplay compelling can make your presentation hugely engaging.

Learn the storytelling tips and tricks to give your presentation a fairy-dusting.

Atypical Presenter

2 hours​

To stand out we need to be different, but different in the right direction.​

We need to adapt our content and style of delivery to the outcome we need – Archetypes give us what we all need.

Invincible Messages

2 hour​

The brain has evolved to forget the majority of the information that we learn.  We want our audience to fail to forget, to actually remember. 


We give you six levers held in our S.T.O.R.E.D. model.

Short presentation skills courses that anyone will get value from

General courses

“I really meant it when I said it was different AND therefore so valuable vs other data insights trainings I have had/seen.”​

— Remko, Carlsberg