Saying things well, in whatever scenario, is excruciatingly difficult.  Preparing and performing a presentation takes a level of skill that many find bewildering to attain.  Yet, many times our ability to get something done relies on this ability to say things well.


We can learn the skills needed to present brilliantly:  by exploring the Sciences: of how the brain really processes information to make decisions.  And by learning from the Arts: the fundamentals of stagecraft and applied improvisation.


Inspirational Presenter Course

2 Day Advanced Presentation Skills Course


To become a truly Inspirational Presenter we need to stretch ourselves - but it is worth it when we do.


Across two intensive days of training a small group of 8-10 people dive deep into the expertise of brain sciences, theatre, and applied improvisation.  From this cocktail we explore all core aspects of advanced presentation skills.


Specialist Courses

Building Upon 2 Day Course

Focused on Classic Challenge


We have found that certain groups have specific deeper challenges.  R&D needing to explain really complex content.  Sales people urgent to present something beyond a standard sell.  Leaders wanting to talk to clients with credibility while building rapport.


We have developed a tight range of short courses.  Each is 1-2 hours long, and builds beyond the foundations of the 2 day course.


Personal &

Personalised Learning


We regularly get asked to work on a 1-to-1 basis.  Often as follow-up post the two day course - as participants are eager to get guidance on bringing the tools into their work.


Others have asked to review and significantly improve their personal presentation skills.  Sometimes looking at their general style and delivery, more regularly to work on the design and delivery of a specific presentation coming up.


Supporting an



An organisation needs guidance and answers to big systemic challenges.  How a company defines their functional competencies for verbal communication skills; and then designing a training curriculum across a career.


Some of our most important work has been supporting large scale presentation events (e.g. Town Hall meetings).  Guiding overall design, working with key presenters, leading rehearsals, and more.

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