Inspirational Presenter


This is what we do best - running a truly inspirational and intensive 2 Day course.

Few get the chance to join us - none forget the experience.

Award Winning & Blue Chip Proven

2 Day Advanced Presentation Skills Course


To become a truly Inspirational Presenter we need to stretch ourselves - but it is worth it when we do.


Across two intensive days of training a small group of 8-10 people dive deep into the expertise of brain sciences, theatre, and applied improvisation.  From this cocktail we explore all core aspects of advanced presentation skills.


This impeccable foundations of the course was designed by Paul Jackson Associates.

It has been improved, evolved, and finessed through more than 100 courses across more than 10 countries spanning 3 continents.

The Course Offers:


ONE fully road-tested course, which until now has been available only in a handful of companies.

TWO Expert Trainers guiding us through the content and the processes.
THREE underlying themes:  Brain Friendly, Spontaneity, and Dare To Be Different (Dare To Be Yourself).
Ideas and Inspiration from FOUR key sources:  Brain Science, Behavioural Science, Stage Craft, Improvisation Theory.
FIVE Models only available from this course.
At least SIX separate opportunities to stand up and apply what you learn.
SEVEN Step Process to design, deliver, and be ready for any presentation.


EIGHT Minutes To Shine as you deliver your final presentation.


Content Includes


Make A Wish

define the impact that you want to have


Make A Connection

design for this audience


Make An Impression

give them something to remember


Make A Plan

map out a structure and flow


Make a Scene

deliver a performance


Make Music Together

adapt to an interactive experience


Make Sure

ready yourself by warming-up


To Find Out More:

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