Specialist Courses

1-2 Hour Courses

Focusing on Specialised Topics


We have found that some groups have specific challenges - the 2 Day Inspirational Presenter course sets the foundations but they need to delve deeper into particular presentation situations.


Over time we have developed Specialist Courses to explore these challenges.  In some cases answers come from Theatre Exercises, others are solved through digging into universal principles of design or through basic anthropology.  All are fun in a profound way.


Below shows you our primary set, but others are available on request.


Complex to Simple

Corporate groups wanted more on how to take really complex content and share it so it feels simple.  Scenarios where just cutting content and 'dumbing down' was not an option.


The answers include the obvious (yes some cutting is good), the clear (show them where they are going), the timely (manage their time openly), and the unexpected (everyone needs a twist).


Salespeople are used to selling.  The problem is their customers are used to being sold to.  So the whole process can easily become a dull production line with little value.  Where can the magic come from?


We found by helping Sales people see how a standard pitch is structured the same way as a story.  So the magic comes from the same fairy-dust that Hollywood screenwriters sprinkle into their scrips.

Pixel Presenting

We often got asked how the face-to-face skills map into presenting virtually.  For many years we ducked the question - until finally we sat down and worked it out.


Most virtual presentations fail horribly because we simply do what we know (or believe) works in a standard room.  If we just adapt a few things we can enthrall a virtual audience.

Visualising Data

In any company there is a lot of data to share.  People can get excited about fancy data graphics, but struggle to layout even the most basic data effectively.


So we delved into the universal principles of design and found a few visual truths help data tables and graphs ping with clarity.  We then found a simple trick to ensure the audience understands what is shared.

Dare To Be Different

Every audience craves variety.  However, it is hard to break the habit of presenting in traditional ways.  Some groups need a specific experience to break through.


We found a simple process to stretch any group to express themselves in very different ways - and to see the possibilities involved.

Credibility & Rapport

Especially in 1-to-1 coaching, we found that people wanted to either raise their credibility (perhaps as a new team leader), or increase their rapport (perhaps with a new client).


Tangentially this is a challenge that Anthropologists and Theatre teachers have been tackling for decades.  This session is for those willing to be taken to taken to some surprising places.

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