Transforming face-to-face
into virtual training​

We have plenty of experience converting face-to-face sessions into virtual sessions.  We can help you transform your presentations, big events, training sessions, workshops, and more into virtual executions.​

Life is different now. We understand the challenges of meeting, presenting, and facilitating virtually (possibly with your dog is pestering you and your son is playing Animal Crossing nearby).

These courses help.

Communication skills for a virtual world




Meeting, presenting and facilitating in virtual settings is different to doing so face-to-face.  There are particular challenges, and there are particular opportunities.  The secret is to adapt in very specific ways.​

We have been training virtual communication skills since 2007.  It is not new, it is just so much more needed.​

Virtual Meetings

90 minutes​

Lead or Participate in an effective virtual meeting.

Make meetings productive for the business and help people keep connected as a community.

Virtual Presenter

90 minutes​

Present brilliantly through virtual tools.

Live TV is different to live theatre.  Virtual presenting is different to face-to-face presenting.  learn how to adapt to the virtual medium.

Virtual Facilitation

2hrs class + 1hr coaching​

+ 2hr masterclass

Lead Training classes through virtual tools.

Principles and processes on how to lead virtual courses:  create a virtual learning environment, get class interaction, run virtual exercises, and more.

Virtual Interviewer

2 hour​s

Lead an interview through virtual tools.

Get the information you need from the candidate.  Treat them fairly and with respect.  Help them see you as their first choice.

"virtual presenter training was eeeeextreeeeemeeeeeely useful😊 Thank you for all the tips and making our trainings more effective😊."

— Agnieszka