Geeky about the Science & Art, Experienced in the Application

Geeky:  Through working for years in a core range of fields (i.e. shopper understanding, market research, website design, learning & development) we have explored many areas of behavioural sciences – how people process information and make decisions.  We also have important links to the arts – the techniques and stagecraft involved in Opera, and the professional application of improvisation theory.  We have found these all invaluable in how we help people craft their presentations.


Experiences in the Application:  We have worked in a range of commercial roles in a vibrant Blue Chip company (P&G is a global Fortune 500 Company).  We have led courses, we have coached executives, and we have consulted on a range of systemic aspects ot an organisation's presentation skills.  We have trained new hires all the way up to very senior leaders, always in the real business environment.


Richard Pascoe

Ex P&G (Sales + Market Research + L&D)               Opera Singer              Geek on all things Presentation Skills.


Richard worked for 17 years for Procter & Gamble, starting in Sales, pausing in Market Research, and then settling in the land of Learning & Development.  Through his career he repeatedly found himself connecting to the science of how people process information and learn.  How to convince people to buy; how to understand why they did what they did in store; how people really learn in commercial settings.


Across these 17 years, outside of work, Richard has trained as an Opera Singer – exploring vocal technique and the art of stagecraft.  He has done it for purely for fun, but it helped fire his geeky interest in all things Presentation Skills.


Hiring and collaborating with Paul Z Jackson, a global expert in Applied Improvisation, Richard started training Advanced Presentation Skills in P&G in the UK, then throughout Europe and inevitably then across the Globe.  15 years of experience across many countries, functions, and presentation challenges saw him become the P&G’s global expert in the training strategy, training design and training delivery of Advanced Presentation Skills.


Stefanie Parsons

Ex P&G (Insights & Analytics)                Experience - Senior Leadership            Human Behaviour Expert


What’s the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Stefanie?  Brave.  Stefanie spent nearly 20 years in consumer insights at Procter & Gamble before starting her own business, and working with Making Presentations.  On many occasions she was the first (and only) to see an impending business issue and then fix it in a brave way.  Her elegantly simple solutions have consistently delivered major results: doubling sales in one instance, turning around a five-year penetration decline in another…the stories are consistent and numerous.


What’s the second word that comes to mind? Unconventional.  Stefanie knows that strategic thinking, analytical skills and facts, are only part of the foundation of business success.  How do you get your audience to take action?  How do you inspire them to follow?  How do you make sure your key message is remembered? Those are skills Stefanie honed as member of European and global leadership teams and for the past 10 years has trained audiences across Europe in the skills of inspirational presentations.  She freely admits that her insights knowledge of cognitive science (how the brain works) and knowledge of human behaviour (how to drive change) do come in handy.



Stefanie was born in Germany and has lived and worked in Germany, France, Russia, Switzerland, and the UK.

She is fluent in German, English and French.


Susie Oliver

Ex P&G (Finance)                Experience in Volunteer Sector            Executive Coach


Susie brings energy and curiosity to everything she does – as a leader, coach and trainer.  Observant and strategic, Susie is consistently sought out by people who need to navigate through transformative change.



With over 12 years experience of training and coaching advanced presentation skills across Europe, Susie’s passion for enabling others to find their own voice has made her a perpetual student of what it takes to communicate well.  She is constantly asking questions that create connections between the now and the possible, the theory and the practice, the hard work and the joy of presenting well.


Susie has a decade in commercial finance at P&G followed by five years as an executive coach and leader in the charitable sector.  Through this she has proved (to herself) that whether its a life-changing message or the quarterly financial reports, an hour with the board or 10 minutes with 50 volunteers; you can get to the results you want and enjoy the experence of presenting!


Paul Z Jackson

Facilitator            Improvisor            Inspirational Trainer


Paul started professionally as a journalist and feature writer, asking people questions and helping readers make sense of their answers.  Then he joined the BBC as a radio comedy producer, encouraging writers and performers to make audiences laugh - or, in the case of Round Britain Quiz, listen to clever people answer tough questions.


More recently, as a trainer and facilitator, he's been prompting participants to learn and make progress on topics that matter.  Along the way, he's written a bunch of books about these things and given presentations at TedX events and international conferences.


After setting up three groups to perform improvisation comedy, nurturing talents such as Rob Brydon, Ruth Jones and Julia Davies, he realised anyone could learn these skills to advantage, so helped grow the Applied Improvisation Network to a worldwide powerhouse of around 6,000 members.


Helping clients to improve their presentations remains a central fascination.




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