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Here are some of the nicest things that people have said about Richard Pascoe and Making Presentations.

"Richard is worth contacting to because he is a genius!   His training has not only game-changed the way I plan, prepare and speak presentations but it also re-confirmed that authenticity in life and business already makes the difference"

Alex Koepf - Duracell

"I have just returned from my presentation to a UK Conference on Diversity on “workplace demographics” and the feedback was so positive. I had participants asking me if I was an inspirational presenter for a living… All from one 1 hour presentation. I have not had this kind of feedback ever before. It was your training that enabled me to feel confident to be who I am and present in a far more impactful way."

Sarah - Procter & Gamble HR Assoiciate Director

"We had the chance of offering Inspirational Presenter Training to our multifunctional commercial team ahead of a conference of 300 people. It was perfect as each team member came with an idea of their topic already, but none of them had imagined how far they could take their presentations, and how fun it would be for them as presenters to really try new ways of delivering their content. The trainers created a safe environment for us to test and stretch ourselves, fail, understand what was wrong and start again until we all walked out with a real confidence boost, that clearly contaminated our customers"

Perine Renard - Coty Trade Marketing Team Leader

"Your course has not only given me tools and a way to think about how to give the audience an experience and make it memorable.  But the course together with each presentation has helped me look at my presentation in a whole new light and given me tremendous confidence to be bold and 'dare to be different'  I even used several (new) techniques with AG Lafley! [then P&G CEO]"

Procter & Gamble

"The Inspirational presenters course … has been one of the very few workshops/conferences where every minute was of extreme value. I would even say that it was too short. There is a massive amount of conference opportunities which I can take and I need to take. Many of these are often boring or don’t bring anything really new. This workshop is obviously in contrast to these … the content was truly inspiring"

"Outstanding course, highly professional with excellent design with superb presenters"

"Thought provoking which is what I personally needed without realizing it perhaps."

Dental Care Academics

"In addition to becoming a more engaging and creative presenter myself, I have inspired leaders in my organization to get a little bit more creative. It is no longer uncommon to see wigs, props and role playing on stage in my organization. Powerpoint no longer rules!"

Nicolai Kristiansen - Procter & Gamble Sales Associate Director - Denmark

"Richard brought clarity, creativity and inspiration to my talks and visual aids.

Giving me confidence that I had material that would engage and drive interaction from my audiences"

Geraldine Huse - Procter & Gamble Vice President

"Just great – the best training I attended at P&G so far… Not only I learned HOW to do a great presentations; I also got to believe that I CAN do it and now I also WANT to practice! Amazing!"

Procter & Gamble

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