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It matters what you say and
how you say it.

Making a presentation can feel bewilderingly difficult. Too often, smart and interesting people undermine ideas (and themselves) by being mediocre presenters.​ Through training courses, coachingconsulting and keynotes, we help you fix this.

A presentation happens anytime and anywhere you deliver information verbally to an audience.

Your presentation can be to one person, or to ten people, or to a hundred people or more.  It can be in a small huddle room or a large meeting room, or on a stage in an auditorium, or virtually through a webcam.  Whichever situation you are in, we help you craft your ideas into the great presentation that you need to deliver.​

We offer a range of courses, from general to specialist.  Our courses vary in length from 60-minute webinars to multi-day in-depth training courses. Our courses cover topics from across the following areas:



Core Skills

Courses to cover broad  and comprehensive presentation skills.  From basic to advanced and up to master-level skills training.



Courses to focus on skills for particular presenting scenarios.  E.g. Presenting data, persuasive pitches, and delivering a powerful message.



Courses to activate a presenter's agility.  Everyone needs to adjust their style of presentation to the outcome they need.



Courses to enable presenters to adapt to different virtual settings, whether pure virtual or a hybrid situation.

What else?

We help our clients in ways beyond our popular training courses.

Here are some examples:


Where we use our experience more directly.  Includes:  core competency definitions, evolving or creating training course materials, train-the-trainer, and more.

Talks, keynotes

and hosting

Our topics are available as inspiring speeches.  The length and style can be adapted to most event situations.

In-depth coaching

One-to-one or small-group tailored coaching.  Normally either for senior leaders or for a small group preparing for a vital upcoming event.

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