It matters what you say and
how you say it.

Hello — I’m Richard.
Making a presentation can feel bewilderingly difficult. Too often, smart and interesting people, with thoughtful and valuable ideas to share, undermine themselves and their message by being mediocre presenters.
We help you fix this.

The Science and Art of Saying Things Well

We know what it is like to present in a range of commercial scenarios because we worked in a major global company for over 15 years.

  • Internal alignment top-to-top presentations

  • Team motivational presentations

  • External pitch presentations.

What makes us unusual is that we also spent all those years (and more) coaching and training people how to present brilliantly.

We have courses from foundational to advanced to specialised.  We have theories from diverse fields of brain sciences, improv theory, stagecraft, and more.  We glue these firmly together with practical tips and processes that we know work in the real world.

“A Master Class in how to deliver virtual training. It was interesting, PACY, funny and felt more like a conversation than formal training [...] I was really pleased (and I learnt loads).”
     — Michael White, Director of Sales L&D, Carlsberg.

Presenting Data


Design data to feel simple, then add the magic sauce.

Principles on how to design data into a presentation, how to highlight your data story, and keep your audience engaged.

Complex to Simple


Reform our content to feel more simple to our audience.

Too often we think of simplifying content as the act of cutting content – but it involves far more subtle and powerful ideas.

Atypical Presenter


We need to adapt our content and style of delivery to the outcome we want – archetypes give us what we all need.



A classic selling structure looks remarkably like a story.  Perhaps the same story fairy dust helps engage our buyer?

These are topics that meet presentation needs that appear regularly for teams and organisations.  Each is designed to be covered in a training session of 1.5-2.5 hours.

Also, we can adapt to you needs: for example each can be delivered as a 1 hour inspiring talk, or a full day workshop.​

To help we place our Topics into two categories.​

  • General:  these are topics meeting very broad presentation scenarios.  Valuable for almost anyone.​

  • Specialist:  these are more narrowly focused on specific presentation needs.​

Crucial topics

If you want to discover some of our ideas and get a sense of the content we share, a good place to start is to read some of Richard’s articles on LinkedIn.  These sometimes explore outer areas of presentation skills.  If you want to hear more of the foundational (but still advanced) content, get in contact.


We could hardly call ourselves brilliant trainers of presentation skills if we did not also call ourselves brilliant presenters.  We can provide highly engaging talks to inspire any audience.