The Science and Art of Saying Things Well

Making a Presentation feels bewilderingly difficult;

We help you Stand-Up and Stand-Out.

I worked for 17 years for a large international Blue Chip Company.  I joined as an eager 22 year old and met the most charismatic and exciting people of my young life.  In work they were mavericks - taking risks, challenging out-dated ideas, making a difference.  In business presentations they become automatons – traditional and sleep-inducing.  Personally their presentations were painful to listen to.


More importantly it seemed completely counterproductive.  Hire the smartest people to create the strongest business plans, and then fail to help them communicate these plans effectively inside and outside the company.  Bonkers! 


So I got interested, and then obsessed, in presentation skills.  I started exploring classic books areas of Presentation Skills and then moved onto deeper topics like Stagecraft, improvisation techniques, brain science, fundamentals of design, and more.  And I started training.  Training new hires, training mid-level leaders, training senior executives.  Running intensive 2 day courses, leading short focused courses, and coaching individuals.


Through 15 years of this I learnt something profound:  anyone can present brilliantly, but only a few take the time and effort to learn.

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