What we offer

You can learn the skills needed to present brilliantly by exploring the Sciences (how does the brain really process information and make decisions?) and by learning from the Arts (the fundamentals of stagecraft and applied improvisation).

The Inspirational Presenter course

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to inspire an audience to act, to understand, to trust, or to change the way they think.  E.g.

  • External-facing commercial roles

  • Team leaders

  • Organisation leaders

  • The curious

What is this course?

Across two intensive days a small group of 8-10 are guided by 2 experts through W.H.I.S.P.E.R. – the science and art of what it takes to become an inspirational presenter.  During the training you have multiple opportunities to try out new techniques and receive personal feedback. It leverages the expertise of brain and behavioural sciences, stage craft, and improvisation theory.

The content of this course has been developed over 15 years of exploration and experimentation.  It has been run over 200 times globally.  It consistently delivers for the individual, the class as a whole, and the organisation they work for.

What is the outcome?

Everyone leaves with a toolbox of ideas and options.  They will choose the principles and models most valuable to them with the presentations that they make.

This is the course that we are most proud of and that we have been running for the longest.  It really is an exceptionally valuable two full days of training (or a week of short virtual sessions).

Face to face: 2 days, 8-10 attendees

Virtual: 5x 2-3 hour sessions + distance coaching

The Inspirational Presenter course

The Effective Presentation Skills course

This is our foundational presentation skills course.  It covers all the main areas needed to deliver a solidly successful presentation.

Face to face: 1 day, 6-10 attendees

Virtual: 4x 2-hour sessions across a week

Other Services



Talks and Keynote

Specialist courses

Some teams, in some scenarios, need something more tailored.  Storytelling for Salespeople.  Chairing skills for big event hosts.  News skills for internal communication owners.​

Communication skills for a virtual world

Life is different now. We understand the challenges of meeting, presenting, and facilitating virtually (possibly with your dog pestering you and your son is playing Animal Crossing nearby).

We have a range of courses to help.

General courses

These are topics that meet presentation needs that appear regularly for teams and organisations.  Each are designed to be covered in a training session or workshop of 2-hours.  All can be covered as virtual classes or face-to-face.

“I have just returned from my presentation to a UK Conference on Diversity on ‘workplace demographics’ and the feedback was so positive. I had participants asking me if I was an inspirational presenter for a living… all from one 1-hour presentation. I have not had this kind of feedback ever before. It was your training that enabled me to feel confident to be who I am and present in a far more impactful way.”

— Sarah Tickle, HR Director, P&G