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Kirstie and I offer help to fix this.

We offer a range of courses and coaching to develop the skills needed to present brilliantly. Below are the topic areas — click to learn more about each.

Most courses and classes can be delivered either face-to-face or virtually. The exact timings and processes will vary between each, but the quality of the training is consistently high.

What we offer

Making a presentation can feel bewilderingly difficult.  Each of us is a smart and interesting person, with thoughtful and valuable ideas to share, yet we undermine ourselves and our messages by being mediocre presenters.

Presenter Core Skills

Courses to cover broad  and comprehensive presentation skills.  From basic to advanced and up to master-level skills training.

Presenting Scenarios

Courses to focus on skills for particular presenting scenarios.  E.g. Presenting data, persuasive pitches, and delivering a powerful message.

Presenter Styles

Courses to activate a presenter's agility.  Everyone needs to adjust their style of presentation to the outcome they need.



Courses to enable presenters to adapt to different virtual settings, whether pure virtual or a hybrid situation.

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