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Geeky about the science and art;

experienced in the application

Richard Pascoe


Richard is one of the UK’s top experts in presentation skills, personally delivering courses, coaching, and consultancy for a collection of global clients.
For over 15 years, leaders in Procter & Gamble relied on his passion and knowledge in this fundamental management skill, calling him the “Guru Grandfather” of advanced presentation skills training.
Today he is the company director of GWP Training Ltd, leading training courses, individual coaching and tailored consultancy on all aspects of making presentations - “The science and art of saying things brilliantly”.


Richard is an unusual combination of commercial savvy, brain-science nerd, and drama king:

  • 18 successful years at P&G in a range of Commercial and L&D roles.  

  • 15 Years exploring behavioral science, vocal technique, and theatre practices, focusing on how each links to presentation skills.

  • Trained opera singer, award winning amateur performer, and experienced impro facilitator.​

Richard knows that getting your message across brilliantly is punishingly difficult but that it is also eminently learnable.  We can all present brilliantly when we embrace spontaneity, craft what we say to connect with how an audience thinks, and dare to be ourselves.

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