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Pure virtual or hybrid?

For over 15 years our advice to anyone who would listen was to avoid hybrid presentations.  Do one presentation to the face-to-face audience, and then separately deliver deliver your presentation to your virtual audience.  We all know the reason why - you naturally focus your delivery to the people in front of you and forget those joining remotely.


Well, times change.  Now presenting in a hybrid setting is standard practice.  It is a harder skill to develop than presenting only to a face-to-face or only to a virtual audience, but one you can still master.  We offer practical tips and tricks to make it work. 

Virtual Presenter

Present effectively with virtual tools

Live TV is different from live theatre. Similarly, virtual presenting is different from face-to-face presenting. We all need some help making the transition.

Effective Virtual/Hybrid Meetings

Lead or participate in an effective virtual meeting

Virtual meetings can feel much harder to run than face-to-face. However, virtual meetings are a standard part of our working lives, and we need some new principles to make them effective.

Virtual Interviewer

Interview candidates over virtual tools

We would normally prefer to interview face-to-face to help understand the candidate better and to promote the company and role we are hiring for. However, at times, a virtual interview is the practical way to do things. Make sure both sides get what they need.

Virtual Facilitator

Lead training classes and workshops through virtual tools

Even the most experienced facilitator can find training virtually a daunting challenge. The most valuable learning moments often come from the spontaneous conversations and questions, yet in virtual the class seems to prefer spectating silently. We need new principles and tools.

Presenting over virtual tools is different. An audience away from the room you are in, accessed through wi-fi and webcams, creates a fascinating set of challenges. We must all learn to adapt.

Present when virtual

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