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We help our clients in more detailed and tailored ways beyond our popular training courses.

Other services

Talks, keynotes and hosting

We don't just teach, we also do.  We perform what we preach and do talks and hosting for our clients.  These are delivered by one of our chief geeks, Richard or Kirstie. 

  • Topics are available as inspiring face-to-face talks or keynotes.

  • Or almost all can also be delivered as fascinating webinars​​​​​​​ to dispersed audiences.

  • Our clients use us as event hosts, both face-to-face and virtual. We guide everyone through the event, link between speakers, run panel discussions, etc.


This can include a huge range of services. Previous projects have included:

  • Designing presentations for large town hall events

  • Redesigning internal presentation skills courses

  • ​Training internal course trainers

  • Speech writing

and more.​

Depth coaching

Sometimes it is worth investing in one-to-one guidance. Normally, this is done as a half or full day of coaching. We focus on where you need us most, which may be your core skills, tricky presentation scenarios or preparation for a specific speech. We will flex to your learning preference — we can go full geek and explore the science and many conceptual models, or we can stay fully focused on practical tips that are proven and easy to apply.

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