Ideal for when you have a large event (e.g. townhall) where you would value more detailed support.  This can include: working on overall messaging, coaching individual presenters, visual design and presentation structure, and leading rehearsals.

Talks / Keynotes

Many of our topics are available as inspiring talks or keynotes.  These are delivered by our founder and chief-geek:  Richard.

Depth Coaching

Sometimes it is worth investing the time 1-to-1.  Normally done as a half or full day of coaching.  We focus where you need us most.  This may be your core skills, or tricky presentation scenarios, or preparation for a specific presentation.  We will flex to your learning style - we can go full geek and explore the science and many conceptual models, or we can stay fully focused on clear tips that are easy to apply.

There is more, always more, that we can do. . .

Other services

“A big thank you again for your coaching and support – the team did an amazing job, clear messages, strong archetypes and storytelling and feedback was in line with the high expectations raised.”

— Anne-Cecile, Senior Marketing Director, COTY