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Effective Presentation Skills

Deliver an effective business presentation

Presenting is hard. We are not born with the ability to do it. We need to learn the foundational principles then practise to build our confidence.  This course covers how to organize your messages, design your slides, and then deliver an effective presentation.

Inspirational Presenter

The science and art of saying things brilliantly

Often in business our ability to get results is dependent on our ability to skilfully arrange our thoughts and explain them coherently. Here we help people develop a broad toolbox of advanced presentation skills.  We step through our W.H.I.S.P.E.R. model to take leaders from early sketch of your objectives through to stepping onto the stage for your performance.

Versatile Presenter

Adapt your style to magnify your message

As we develop as leaders, we find ourselves needing to deliver increasingly varied presentation objectives: to inform, to direct, to build confidence, and to inspire. As presenters we need to be true to ourselves while embodying diverse presentation styles that will encourage the audience response we need. This is hard. This needs mastery-level ideas and teaching.  This training is focussed mostly on masterclass sessions - learners presenting and getting expert guidance - guided by our intent cornerstones and of our Atypical Presenter 4/12/36 model.

Long courses (1+ days) designed to build a broad range of presentation skills. Working through all three courses will move you from effective to truly inspiring in all presentation situations. All include significant time for personal practise, individual coaching and expert feedback.

Presenter Core Skills

Main model

We have a number of models and tools that we use. All our core courses are built from some or all of our W.H.I.S.P.E.R model:

In-depth coaching

Sometimes an individual or small group wants to get completely tailored expert coaching. This can be for an upcoming presentation (e.g. a keynote) — preparing and practising for the event itself — or it can be reviewing core skills of a leader and tailoring teaching and practise into areas that will bring the fastest development.

Talks, keynotes and hosting

We help some clients with their internal training on core presentation skills. We update and build upon their existing internal content. We guide on curriculum priorities. We train internal trainers.

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