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A Guide on how to apply in the real world;

experienced in putting ideas into practice

Kirstie Hawkes


Kirstie is a hugely experienced and passionate presentation skills trainer, facilitator and consultant.  Richard’s partner in crime on advanced presentation skills since they met in P&G in 2003.

Kirstie combines senior commercial experience in marketing, external relations, and consultancy with nearly 20 years guiding people towards better presenting.  Richard reads all the books, Kirstie makes sure the ideas have real world practical application in commercial situations.  Guiding people to present more inspiringly so they can have more impact on their teams and their business.


Kirstie’s expertise comes from:

  • 15 years at P&G in a range of Commercial and Marketing roles.  

  • Almost 10 years at Kantar Consulting, where as Head of Category and Shopper  she led and facilitated local, regional and global programs for major FMCG companies,

  • Award-winning amateur performer.

Kirstie strongly believes that you need to demonstrate your passion for the topic, and that you care about your people, if you want people to engage with your message.  She brings these vital beliefs to all her training.

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