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EPS Course Participant Handbook

The main participant handbook for the course

1.5 MB

EPS Course Participant Workbook

A template to develop any presentation.

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Effective Presentation Skills

This page includes information and extra materials associated with the Effective Presentation Skills Course.

Course Description

Session 1 = ORGANIZE

We will look at three steps to take to organize your content.

  1. MESSAGE:  this is the most important choice that you make - made up of three parts:  Task, Ask and Headline.

  2. CONTENT:  use ABCX process to cut your content down (by half) to leave just what is most important.

  3. STRUCTURE:  Set-up, Journey, and Close-Out.  By which way will you travel?  Train Track, Road Journey or Open Water.

Session 2 = DESIGN

Most presentations involve a slide deck.  How do you design these slides?  And in doing so, how do you avoid key Slide SINS?

  • Your slides are NOT your Safety Ring!

  • Your slides must NOT be Crowded!

  • Your slides must NOT be Dull, Dull, Dull, Dull,... Dull!

Then add valuable Transitions, e.g.: Maps and Brigdes.

Session 3 = DELIVER

Tips and techniques covered across areas withing:  spoken language, body language, visual aids, space/staging, and Q&A.

Rehearsal / Coaching Session

You will have booked a 25 minute coaching slot with one of the trainers.  Come prepared with:

  1. Your Task, Ask and Headline

  2. Your Presentation Journey Map

  3. Ready to do a full practice run of your presentation

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