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Inspirational Presenter (Virtual) Course

This page includes information and extra materials associated with the virtual delivery of the Inspirational Presenter Course when run for Procter & Gamble.

Course Description

Session 1 = IMPACT & NEEDS

The impact of your presentation is your audience response.  Tools covered include:

  • value of mind mapping

  • backward H.A.T.

  • four prez-intents


Your audience is unique in many ways, but also similar to any audience.  Make sure you are meeting the needs of their reptilian and reptilian brains before adding the variety to engage all parts of the neo-cortex.​

Session 2 = STRUCTURE

Too often we rely on the easiest form of structure: the list ("booooo!").  Inspirational Presenters do better.  We select and journey through chunking structures (ONE, TWO, THREE) and chaining structures (LOGIC, TIME , NEWS).

Any of these six structures work perfectly well as every day forms (vanilla ice-cream).  All can, however, be stretched out into more elaborate and nuanced forms (ice-cream sundaes).  For example, metaphors, contrasting pairs, and a hero's journey.


A presentation must be performed.  How can we best consider and combine spoken language, body-language, use of staging, and visuals?  There is so much to consider  The trick is to return to your prez-intent and select a prez-type (archetype) that matches you and the situation.  Then let this enrich your presentation style.

The best presentations are not simply a broadcast from speaker to listener.  The best presentations directly involve the audience in some way, so include interaction.


There will be something that you want your audience to recall over all other things.  It may be a message, or a feeling, or just you.  Consider and combine six levers that each help encourage your audience to remember the most important parts of your presentation.

You want to be ready for the presentation.  This means energizing your mind, your body, and your voice.

Session 5 = BIG ONE Presentation

In this final session everyone gets the opportunity to make a short presentation (normally 7-8 minutes).  This is a chance to try out the tools, techniques, and tips that we have covered through the week.

Finally, we help you to review everything from the course so you can choose the elements you will commit to focus on.

Post Course = COACHING

Everyone is given the opportunity to sign-up for 30-minutes of (virtual) 1-to-1 coaching with one of the trainers.

Course Files

File Name




IP Course P&G Participant Handbook

The main participant handbook for the course

7.1 MB

IP-V Session 3: Intro Jane Exercise

Mind Map of content for Intro Jane exercise

2.0 MB

IP-V: Guidance for Hybrid

Quick guide on presenting and facilitating in hybrid setting

0.3 MB


Session 2 Exercise Files

File Name




Structures Exercise - BEARDY - Chunk - TWO

Ppt file to be used by the group working on the TWO structure.

3.7 MB

Structures Exercise - BEARDY - Chunk - ONE

Ppt file to be used by the group working on the ONE structure.

3.7 MB

Structures Exercise - BEARDY - Chain - TIME

Ppt file to be used by the group working on the TIME structure.

3.7 MB

Structures Exercise - BEARDY - Chain - NEWS

Ppt file to be used by the group working on the NEWS structure.

3.7 MB

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