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Virtual Facilitator Course Useful Slides

These are some useful starting slides to use to create a new training deck or amend an existing one.

4.1 MB

How2 Guide Webex Break Outs

Explains main functionality of Webex Break Outs.  Written in 2021, so somethings will have changed.

1.4 MB

How2 Video How To Upload Slides into Webex

This links to a short video explaining how to upload slides into Webex.

4 min video

How2 Video How to Add an MS Forms Poll/Survey

A short video explaining how to add a poll or survey from MS Forms.

10 min video

Tips on how to Facilitator When In Hybrid

Facilitating hybrid sessions, where some people are in the room while some join virtually, is challenging.  We would avoid where you can.  When you have to, here are some guiding ideas


Virtual Facilitator Course Participant Handbook

The main participant handbook for the course

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Session 2 Behind The Scenes Slide Highlights

The main slides from the second session where we go deeper into tips and techniques.

4.6 MB

Virtual Facilitator Course Optional Deck for Masterclass

If you do not have a piece of training or workshop element that you can use in the masterclass, download this optional deck.  Ideally amend it a little to fit your style and ideas.

3.3 MB

Virtual Facilitator

Also know as HIT-V

This page includes information and extra materials associated with the Virtual Facilitator Course (also known as HIT-V) run for Procter & Gamble.

Course Description

Session 1 = Core Principles

This is a 2-hour virtual classroom session where we will share and demonstrate the core principles of facilitating effectively in virtual.


You will learn about how to create and maintain a great virtual learning environment, for you and for your trainees/participants; how to run exercises well in virtual; and the most important facilitator behaviours (virtual virtues).

Session 2 = 'Behind The Scenes'

This is a 2-hour virtual classroom session where we will go deeper into practicalities.  How to redefine interactions so you see and feel the engagement of the class.  How to include polls & quizzes.  How to manage breakouts.  And how to make sure you are seen and heard through great webcam set-up.

Session 3 = Masterclasses

You will be invited to one of the small group masterclasses.  Groups normally 3-4 people plus trainer plus producer.

You come prepared to deliver a short (10 minute) piece of facilitation.  This can be a section of training or an element of a workshop.

The producer is there to help you throughout.  Ideally send them your slides and instructions on where you would want support through the session (e.g. breakouts, music.

Missing something?

See below for links to important materials associated with the course.

If you are need of anything else, please reach out directly to your course trainer (Richard or Kirstie).

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